Eminem Gives a “Campaign Speech”

Eminem just turned 44 years old on Monday. That means he’s been rapping for 30 years now, both as an amateur and as one of the greatest to ever grace the mic and a revolutionary in his own right. What is almost more impressive, however, is that he still isn’t done. It’s been known for a short time that Slim is working on his next album, for now dubbed Root, which was confirmed by a post on his website today. It reads “Eminem took some time off from working on an album to drop “Campaign Speech”.”

That’s right, Eminem released a brand new solo track titled “Campaign Speech,” an almost 8 minute long ballad of switch-ups and classic Shady lyricism and steez. It’s hard to tell whether this song is Eminem’s declaration of superiority and coming reign over the hip-hop world or just a way to show off his masterful grasp of the English language and grammatical devices. There couldn’t be a line more true than when he raps “Better warn ’em, what I lack in tact and a set of morals/ I make up for in metaphors like a cosmetic store.” Following this line up by rhyming stegosaurus and Chuck Norris? Genius.

Each bar/verse features a change to the rhyme scheme along with the beat and flow, each one seamlessly merging with the last. It’d be hard to believe that anyone could freestyle the lyrics that Eminem spits on this track but that’s exactly what it feels like, and knowing Shady, it’s not all that implausible. His references to current topics and pop culture like Colin Kaepernick and Piper Chapman also helps support this possibility. Also, is it just me or does the opening flow sound almost exactly like Hannibal Burress’ Morpheus Rap from the Eric Andre Show?

Surely the new track is impressive and it pushes the hype train carrying Root to new speeds. Stream it below and make sure to continue following True Too for more updates on the forthcoming album and all things hip-hop.