Exlusive Interview – D-Kaym – French Cloud Rap Artist

D-Kaym - Vendredi Soir via Soundcloud
D-Kaym - Vendredi Soir via Soundcloud

D-Kaym is an upcoming Cloud-Rap MC/Producer hailing from the streets of Lyon, France. Although a relatively young sub-genre of Hip-Hop, Cloud-rap has been gaining rapid amounts of popularity through out Europe (see Yung Lean). His self-produced track, “Vendredi Soir” is a blissful, sonic journey that further reinforces the fact that French language and culture has a strong place in Hip-hop.

With gracious demeanour of French buttered croissants and French chocolate. D-Kaym gave us some insight on the mind of a 25 year old Cloud-Rap artist living in France.


Tell us about yourself
DK- I’m a 25 year old guy from Lyon and I’m passionate about music. I especially love the American style Cloud-Rap, even if it is still new in France. I also get inspiration from French artists such as Ash Kidd, Ta-Ja, Jorrdee and Pesoa, as well as from the American artists like Yunk Simmie, Drake and ASAP Rocky.

I love the beat, I see you produced it yourself. What kind of sound were you aiming to make?
DK- I try to create a chill wave sound, so my listeners can feel the musical message I want to spread.
I’m going to release a new EP by the end of the year. Also, I’m going to work in collaboration with some MCs and local beatmakers such as LeSix and L’Heritage Crew.

What is your view on Cloud-Rap? Why do you think it is so popular?
DK- In my opinion, Cloud Rap is famous abroad because it brings a new perspective, something relaxing and unexpected that we aren’t used to listening to.

Where did you first hear Cloud-Rap and what made you fall in love with it? How old were you?
DK- I’ve always loved to wander on the internet, looking for the next hit, and I accidentally found Purple Swag by ASAP Rocky (which is a must). I was 21, and I instantly started to look for other artists who make Cloud-Rap.

Who are your favorite Cloud-Rap artists?
DK- I’m currently listening to Jorrdee a lot, but I also try to go back to basics and listen to Kid Cudi (I’m a big fan of Mr Scott Mescudi) or Travis Scott, Drake and ASAP Rocky.

Cloud-Rap is usually associated with mind altering substances like weed and lean in America – Is it the same in France?
DK- Yep, weed and lean are narrowly linked to this style, even in France, and it is a common thing to see them in photos and music videos.

How would you describe the French Rap scene to an international audience.
DK- In France, there are several kinds of rap, and each one has its own audience.
Currently, the most famous one may be the Trap Music which is well represented by Booba, Kaaris, Gradur and Joke. But there is also chill rap, represented by Set&Match, Nekfeu and PNL. This kind is more similar to what I make and, obviously, what I like.
I think it is a brand new style which has potential to blow. Here, it is not famous yet, but it must be more developed in France in order to be loved by the audience it deserves to reach.

I can feel the passion through your music, it speaks beyond the language barrier. Although I don’t understand French at all, I can sense a strong sense of emotion behind your music. What inspires you? What are you trying to achieve with your music?
DK- I find inspiration in my own story, my life in Lyon, the good memories or best moments shared with people I love.
The lyrics and music I make are simply made of my state of mind or the atmosphere I’m surrounded by.

What is the track about?
DK- “Vendredi Soir” is all about a Friday night spent in clubs and streets of Lyon, with some friends of mine, to have fun and relax after having spent a hard week at work.
I’m currently finalizing a track that I have been working on since October, titled “Orb1te_.” L’Heritage Crew made the instrumental and I’m rapping over it.
It’s about my ambition and my desire to go further and carry out my plans.

Describe your fashion. Is it inspired by Hip Hop music?
DK- Yes, my fashion is obviously inspired by this kind of music. I like wearing the “classic” brands like Supreme, Nike and Adidas, but I also wear and support some local brands like Fskorp, Rewind France and Yung Shiva.

Describe the Asian influence in your music?
DK- I love the Asian sounds, they add a different kind of atmosphere to my music. Ash Kidd-Samourai Noir really helped me to find my own style, because I love his one.

Did you listen to Hip Hop growing up? Did it effect your perspective on life?
DK- To be honest, I started making music when I was very young. Rap, jazz, funk and even hardcore metal.. I tried a lot of styles. I also made music for short movies. It effected my perspective of life, my way of writing and making sounds in a good way.

Check out “Vendredi Soir” and his latest track “Orb1te” below on Soundcloud and let us know what you think in the comments section.