Exclusive Release: Some Guy Ty Delivers Pt. 3 of His Beat Botany Trilogy

Some Guy Ty Beat Botany Vol. III 3

All great things come in threes. Points from Russell Westbrook’s storybook 36-foot buzzer beater. The number of culturally significant members in the Stooges, Musketeers, and mice of which are blind. And, of course, who can mention groups of threes without citing the greatest film trilogy of all time: Lord of the Rings.

Apparently, North Carolina based instrumentalist Some Guy Ty received the “everything is better in threes” memo, the same one that The Matrix acted upon but, for the sake of all that is valuable in standalones, should not have.

We at True Too are eager to announce the exclusive release of the third installment of Some Guy Ty’s Beat Botany instrumental tape series. Beat Botany Vol. III follows his Vol. II from earlier this year and Vol. I from March of last year, and continues the thematic element of his “scientific study of sound, including it’s properties, structure, classification and importance.” Akin to the previous two beat tapes, Ty focused on allocating a dominant theme to each individual track. And for all the hip hop heads who also identify as biologists out there, Ty gave each track a scientific name fitting to its sonic anatomy, no pun intended. Just looking at the track list of the tape makes me feel more intelligent.

Some Guy Ty beat Botany Vol. III 3

Producer Some Guy Ty is formerly part of the hip hop group Collective Dialect, and describes his tonality best as “an eclectic mix of Atmosphere, Citizen Cope and Ratatat.” Speaking on Beat Botany Vol. III, Ty cites influence from various producer-rapper combos, such as Logic and 6ix, Joey Bada$$ and Metro Boomin, and FKi and Post Malone, to name a few. The nineteen track project cultivates truly “digestible” beats for all the hip-hop heads out there, with head bangers for days. The perfect mix of studious instrumentals for the many school’s upcoming final season.

Stream Beat Botany Vol. III below, check out some of Ty’s other work, and let us know what you think of Some Guy Ty in the comment section. For all things hip hop, keep reading at True Too.

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