Fall For Tink

Tink poses for a portrait prior to her performance at Red Bull Sound Selects Presents 4 Days in Austin, in Austin, TX, USA on 13 March, 2014.

After the XXL 2015 Freshman list, it’s hard not to fall for Tink. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Trinity Home is a 20 year-old female rapper bleeding with talent, and that’s shown well throughout her mixtapes Winter Diary and Alter Ego. With five mixtape releases already, the former choir singer plans to release a debut album this year with Mosley Music Group, an imprint of Epic Records titled Think Tink. If you haven’t checked our her XXL 2015 Freestyle yet:

I’m gonna make the world believe, speaking of what I thought I’m writing what people need.


Tink capitalizes for the moment and completely owns the time she was given by expressing her ability to sing and rap without sacrificing any integrity or lyricism. Respect is necessarily given to most of the other artists that made it to the list, but only her and a couple others really understood how big of a deal this amount of exposure was and absolutely saved an otherwise pathetic list.

I suffered with some rejection, most niggas don’t wanna hear the truth unless it’s coming from someone with a lighter complexion.


Versatile and lyrically armed, Tink realizes that there are messages that she wants to convey that wouldn’t be best expressed through rap. and vice versa through R&B. You could see Tink’s flexibility when you compare her latest mixtape, Winter’s Diary 2, with her Rap mixtape, Alter Ego. While Winter’s Diary 2 wrestles with being soulful while pinning you with heartache, Alter Ego is the People’s Elbow slamming onto chins and throwing sleeves.

Alter Ego nails your classic mixtape feel with radio shouts and banging instrumentals. Although there isn’t anything too monumental or different about the mechanics of her lyricism, the mixtape was a mixtape; a statement of skill that is there and needs to have an eye kept out on. In the second song of Alter Ego, Tink holds it down in Kardashian with the lines, dealing with colors be careful who you’re talking to he might be red n blue/he might be sellin white or he might be holding green/but like either way it goes he gon find himself a fiend.While there’s nothing too game-changing about her presence in these tracks, you can see her space for potential spark in a city known for its brooding darkness. Her freestyles within the mixtape are also impressive, effortlessly following the beat with lines like, “Shout out to you rappers who be hearin this/tellm wear a suit and tie cuz I can’t take them serious,” and “No swisher but I’ll be blunt/These hoes weak.” Filled with aggression, wordplay, and catchy hooks, Alter Ego is a lead foot speeding Tink down whatever lane she’s willing to choose.

Tink is easy to listen to. If I HAD to nitpick I’m still worried due to the lyricism in her mixtapes. It’s good, it’s just not as pivotal as it should be.  Although that was my only qualm, worries for Think Tink are easily washed away with how she presented herself during XXL 2015’s Freshman List.

With the rise of diversity and culture within Chicago Hip-hop, you could only expect and hope to see the other artists that are currently prospects from the area collaborate with each other. Think Tink will release in 2015 with a date that is yet to be announced so keep your eye out. Because if you haven’t fallen for Tink yet, you should.



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