Fall Out Boy Releases Remixed American Psycho

Fall Out Boy - Make America Psycho Again
Fall Out Boy - Make America Psycho Again

We know, we know, Fall Out Boy is not hip hop, but this past week they released a rap-heavy remix of their latest hit album American Psycho entitled Make America Psycho Again. Perhaps the result of a friendship formed between Wiz Khalifa and the group on their recent Boys of Zummer tour, this album has peaked our interest because of the lineup of MC’s that the band invited to remix the songs from the album. Rap luminaries such as Juicy J and Black Thought are joined by present-day stars like Migos and A$AP Ferg, leading to a unique blend of sounds and styles that stitches onto the pop-rock tracks. Azealia Banks, Big K.R.I.T., and Joey Bada$$ were apart of the features in this experimental collaboration.

While the variety of artists featured on this project is quite exciting the quality is lackluster for the most part. Songs like “American Beauty/American Psycho” with Ferg and “Uma Thurman” with Wiz are worth checking out while the rest of the album just isn’t worth listening to much more than once. The album is worth a listen, but unfortunately, Fall Out Boy’s pop sound doesn’t blend very well with the hip-hop genre.

While this cross-genre collaboration wasn’t a hit, check out last month’s Big Grams and Joey Bada$$ x Glass Animals releases for a better mix. You can snag the album on iTunes for a clean $10 or stream it off Spotify. Don’t agree with our opinion of Fall Out Boy’s effort? Let us know what you think below.

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