Fan of ‘Birds’? Check out Rory Fresco’s Debut Album

Travis Scott already dropped the hammer this summer with his stadium bound album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight but Rory Fresco is close on his heels. The SoundCloud standout just released his debut project Mad World, a flurry of trap anthems and whip slappers. It holds its own however, all while telling the story of his recent come up. Rory Fresco is definitely a must watch for the foreseeable future.

There may be Gucci Mane clones walking amongst us but Fresco wasn’t cooked up in a lab whatsoever. His autotune may be heavy but his bars come straight from the heart. The best part though is when the vocal effects are dropped and Rory goes in. His flow is fantastic, especially when it reigns supreme over the beats. Speaking of production, most of it was taken care of by Fresco himself. It’s really no wonder that Kanye West’s “No More Parties in LA” and “Real Friends” directed SoundCloud users to “Lowkey,” as both artists have had a hand in the sounds that back their vocals. Fresco is far less soul and way more hi-hat though, a sign of the times and perhaps an example of the road that hip-hop is heading down. No matter though, because all that really counts is whether or not the music gets you going, and Mad World does exactly that

Every story has its beginning and this is Rory Fresco’s. Where other rappers have fallen trying to pursue the same sound as Fresco it is he that has successfully carved his own niche into the genre. Bright things are ahead of this 18 year old and it will be interesting to see where he ends up five to ten years from now. In the meantime, stream the album below and make sure you keep checking in at True Too for all you hip-hop updates.

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