Alphacat leaves us with the Obama raps we need

President Obama’s farewell address happened last night, and it’s safe to say that the hip-hop community will be missing the man very much. No other president was nearly as involved in the rap scene as Barack. Bill Clinton probably makes for a far off second place, but that’s besides the point. Obama had BJ the Chicago Kid sing the national anthem for his farewell address. Last year he created a summer playlist of his favorite tracks to be played at day or night that featured Wale, Jay Z, Method Man, and Chance The Rapper. The man is a pure fan of hip-hop.

It’s only fitting then that over the years of his presidency that there was a YouTuber named Alphacat who would don his best Obama impression (which is pretty damn good, I might add) and did total rap covers relating to Obama’s life and politics. It’s a truly riveting site to see. As we remember Obama’s presidency, Here’s some of the best tracks to come of that:

“Whatever I Like”

This is the one that started it all. Anytime I heard T.I.’s original version of “Whatever You Like” I would switch it for the Obama lyrics. It’s truly amazing and perhaps the GOAT Obama parody to ever be seen. The video has been up for eight years, so there really isn’t a better place to start. Alphacat knew that Obama and Biden had something special blooming, as he raps “I picked Joe Biden / Now this ones ridin’.” “Whatever I Like” was the celebration to affirm Obama’s victory in ’08.

“99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One”

The title says it all. To commemorate Obama’s second term win over Mitt Romney, Alphacat calls out Romney in the best way possible, by doing a mix to Jay Z’s “99 Problems.” Doctors have said they aren’t sure if Romney will ever fully recover from these burns.

“Drop It Like It’s Hot”

We all know the original song, as the duo of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell unleashed on the charts with this one back in the day. Alphacat turns this into a celebration of ObamaCare and how he changed the healthcare game. Not to mention those slick dance moves. Get it.


Remember when Kendrick Lamar put “Control” on the whole rap game? Yeah. He’s insanely gifted on the mic. So much so that Obama acknowledges him as being one of the best in the game. This is the ultimate Obama track as he calls out all his haters and motivators.

“Back to Back”

We all know about Drake’s legendary diss to Meek Mill. It only seems fitting that Alphacat ran this as a diss to President Elect Trump, while also boasting about Obama’s “back to back” terms as president. Alphacat bodies this all while riding on a Segway, so that’s pretty dope. The unfortunate bit is that Trump in the end would come out on top. But that still doesn’t negate the fire from these bars: “The GOP hates you / They’re like G-O Please!” Talk about crafty politics.

“Thanks Obama”

Now that his time in office is officially coming to an end, this seems like the only way to end the article by saying “thanks Obama,” and not in a sarcastic way either. Alphacat makes sure you know about his accomplishments in this one. So it’s time to put some respeck on Barack’s name after the two terms he had. Thanks Obama.

Let us know what you think of these Obama tracks in the comments section, and go check out the rest of Alphacat’s videos here. Stay up on True Too for all your hip-hop desires.


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