FELIX DE LUCA introduces himself to the world

Felix De Luca
Felix De Luca

Felix De Luca‘s name might be unfamiliar for now but chances are you’ll be hearing a lot more of the Scandinavian MC soon enough. Like in old kung-fu movies where the voices never match mouth movement or seeing an African guy speak fluent Mandarin, Luca is surprisingly odd and catches you off guard. To the eye he seems like the average fashionable youngster from Copenhagen, Denmark but to an experienced ear, he sounds like the second coming of New York legend Ghostface Killah. Listening to the flow and then actually seeing the rapper behind the voice might be hard to adjust to at first. After the initial confusion wears off, the only thing that remains are hard-hitting bars.

Danish producer Dontaxaboutit curated the dark 90’s New York boom-bap sounds for De Luca’s self-titled EP. His sound can best be described as Nas and Ghostface Killah meets Mac Miller. Aided by those somber and rough instrumentals, De Luca has been steadily rising through the Denmark hip hop scene. So far, he’s been making his name known by playing dozens of solo shows across his homeland, he’s been highlighted by his performance at the legendary Roskilde Festival, and has taken part by supporting international acts such as The Underachievers & Danny Brown.

Check out his self titled EP below and let us know what you think! We also had a quick chat with Felix about his music and sound, check it out below.

TrueToo Your flow has an undeniable American sound. What artists (American and non-American) do you draw inspiration from? When I listen to your music I get reminded of Mac Miller, also I hear a lot of NY influence in your sound, is that right?

FDL – Haha I don’t know about the Mac Miller comparison, I never heard that one before, but I’m definitely a fan of the classic NY sound, that’s what I grew up on,
Ghostface, Jay-Z, Nas, Big L all that.

TTHave you ever visited America? I think you would fit in naturally with your accent. If not what are you most excited to see/experience?

FDL – Sure, I been to the states a handful of times, mostly New York… I just fuck with the whole vibe over there, everybody has two or three hustles to get by, it’s a city that moves fast and that shit inspires me to work harder.
I’ve had a lot of crazy experiences in NY.

TTMy favorite track on the project is “Smoke Break.” Everything about the track, the sound, vibe, and flow is just perfect! Can you talk about the recording process behind the track?

FDL – Thank you, that’s my favorite joint off the EP as well. We recorded it like a year ago, my producer Dontaxaboutit knocked out the first version of the beat and it was one of those moments where I just zoned out and it all came to me naturally.
We reached out to Temu for the hook and he came through and killed it, He’s an incredible Singer from Harlem, ya should check out his music, he got that 2016 funk.

TTIn this tape you are constantly talking about weed and also rolling up in clubs. Hip hop and weed culture in America are almost intertwined, what can you say about the relationship of weed and hip hop culture in Denmark?

FDL – I think it’s the same thing worldwide, Hip Hop culture and weed has been connected for as long as I remember.
Copenhagen has always been pretty known for its Cannabis culture and I started smoking kinda early, I don’t have to be high to be creative though.

TT Do you have anything to say about the Denmark hip hop scene? Who are some upcoming rappers we should keep an eye out for?

FDL – There’s a lot of talent over here, most of it is in Danish tho.. Personaly I’m just waiting on my homie Niki Bernard to drop his new project.

TTWhat’s next for Felix? New album? upcoming tour?

FDL – We’ve already started working on a new project, and then yeah we’ll have some shows lined up in Denmark and around Europe… I’m just working hard these days man.

Check out the brand new music video for “Buzzin” below. Visuals shot in Sweden by local artist Hanna Hildeman.

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