Floridian Broderick Batts Drops “SheDGAF”


Ambient, dreamy, and filled with pleasant guitar progression, Broderick Batts is a Floridian-based rapper capturing Hotline Miami fluorescence within “SheDGAF.” While the hook’s quite long, it captures the essence of the whole song with a simple, yet pivotal autotune about a nine-to-fiver Batts encounters overnight. That sort of lifestyle contrasts the life of a creative. When it comes to a content creator’s job, the work never ends and Batts seems interested in the careless, patterned lifestyle the girl is in.

“SheDGAF’s” release is planned well. With Summer rolling around across the states(Get those Hawaiian shirts out in the midwest and east), it wouldn’t be surprising to hear this off the radio with the windows rolled down. Batts’ whole aesthetic is a blend of genres, mixing hip-hop, R&B, and sunny, palm-tree pop.  You could feel the sun set over the instrumental itself, as it holds cascading hi-hats and a steady bass-line before the 808s come to tie the whole single together. Broderick Batts currently has an EP out titled 2001 Odyssey and with lyrics like “I swear that we knew each other since Tamagotchi’s/when you looking for my heart just know it’s microscopic,” you could tell that the Floridian knows how to be relatable through women and 90’s kid pop culture.

Beyond “SheDGAF,” Batts’ sun-baked beats and flow is found in his other singles “Kate Moss 1989” and “Wavey,” with both previous singles(and probably his latest based on the similarities) produced by the unique-sounding TommyTrillfigga. Broderick Batts is an artist with TEN Music Group. Affiliated with other up-and-comers like Elliphant, Zara Larsson, and Erik Hassle, expect to see these names around more often as prospects of 2016.

Listen to “SheDGAF” below and keep Broderick on your radar. Because if his previous singles have any indication of what’s to come, Broderick Batts is here to stay and make a name for himself.

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