Listen To Frank Ocean’s New Album ‘Blonde’

After  4 long years and many rumored release dates Frank Ocean has finally dropped his third studio album. Blonde, a 17 song LP released two days after Frank revealed his visual album Endless, both on Apple Music. After Rolling Stones magazine announced that a new Frank Ocean album would be coming this weekend along with the visual album fans emotions once again a mix of intense hope and an assurance for further disappointment. Though many were skeptical due to the numerous potential release dates that failed to actually produce anything.

Frank released the video for the first track on the album “Nikes” late last night which lead many to believe it was the first single off the album. Blonde features a variety of styles from both Frank and contributors, the most prominent of which is Andre 3000. Skits are also included on the project; the track “Be Yourself” features a voicemail from Frank’s mother warning him about drug use and urging him to stay away from any kind of drugs or alcohol. Later on the album “Facebook Story” follows a French man telling a story about a crazy girl who broke up with him because they were not friends on Facebook.

Listen to Frank’s new album Blonde on Apple Music here. Pop-up stores also appeared in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London today that are supposedly carrying another alternate album, as the track lists appear to be different. The tweets below contains both the differing track listing and the supposed credits. Stay tuned to True Too for all your updates on what is sure to be one of the biggest releases of 2016.

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