Frank Peters – 50 Shades of Frank

50 Shades Of Frank - Frank Peters
50 Shades Of Frank - Frank Peters

Frank Peters is a South Carolina rapper that has been in the game for 10 years. He has been recognized by MTV as one of their “Artists to Watch 2013” and VH1 as one of their “Artist on the Rise.” Peters has released an EP (The Meeting EP) and a mixtape (50 Shades of Frank).

50 Shades of Frank is Frank Peters’ way of showing off all of the different styles and flows that he’s capable of. The mixtape consists of 21 songs, but if you get rid of the “intros” and the interludes, you end up with around 11 songs. Peters has these “intros” that are spread throughout his mixtape that are in different languages: British (English), Spanish, German, Chinese, Philippines, Russian, and then a Southern outro. These really distract from the actual music. There’s an understanding of trying to fit a theme or trying to make it all a story, a true piece of art. However, these intros and interludes take away from the natural flow that the mixtape tries to develop on its own.

This is a story, a story of a man. A man with 50 styles, 50 ways, and 50 different shades. This is 50 Shades of Frank.

When there is an actual song, it’s really good. Peters’ voice is slicker than a pimp named Slickback, and smoother than a 64. Songs like “Passive-Aggressive Frank” and “Cocaine Heart” really show off his ability to blend his voice into the beat. Along with his ability to have a voice as soft as The Game’s palms (we’re not lying), Peters has the ability to just devour a beat. Songs like “Numb,” and “Mercy” show how easily he can eat a beat and spit it back out. The instrumentals that he raps over are also really good. Songs like “Mr. Frank” and “Ambitionz” fit perfectly with Peters’ style. He benefits from the more jazzy energetic beats as opposed to the more trap style beats like in “Seat Set Back” and “Drive.”

While Frank Peters is a good rapper and has a voice like The Weeknd rolling around in heelies, there are times where he can come off corny. For example, his song “Seat Set Back” is his version of a banger, but it just doesn’t work with his voice. I understand that he was trying to show his diversity with this song, but he should really stick to what his forte is. It’s really unfortunate that he couldn’t do something better with this song because it’s easily my favorite beat on the mixtape.

Overall, I like this project. While the project doesn’t flow as well as it could have, Frank Peters flows as well as anybody can. This project shows off Peter’s flow and ability to have fun on a beat. Frank Peters has a bright future ahead of him and this mixtape proves that clocking in this project to a 7.5/10.

Standout Tracks: Passive-Agressive Frank, Cocaine Heart, and Numb.

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