“Free Blac Youngsta” Chants Young Thug

If you haven’t been informed already, the rapper known as Blac Youngsta was arrested on Tuesday for his involvement in the shooting of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph. That’s right, the same guy who busted a nut dry humping  on stage (video below) tried to off Young Dolph on his way to his concert. And yes, it may not have been confirmed, but look at that man’s face and tell me he isn’t in the midst of his vinegar strokes. All jokes aside, Young Thug has decided to get involved in the matter, dropping the loosie “Free Blac Youngsta.” I bet Bobby Shmurda wishes he got this kind of treatment.

Thugger has collaborated with both rappers in the past, though it appears that he’s taken a side in this beef. And what a better way to burn bridges than with a banger. Thug’s chants of “Free Blac Youngsta” throughout the track will definitely have more people chanting for the accused more than Offset could have ever hoped for. Young Thug tackles the fairly generic trap beat with his signature style, elevating it beyond blandness to that of an anthem for freedom. If Youngsta’s attorney has any sense he’ll bring a boombox to the courthouse and just throw this song on repeat during his defense.

This is clearly just a loosie Young Thug threw together in the past few days for his homie, as his upcoming album EBBTG is supposedly going to see the polarizing star take a step back from rapping and see him flex his inner Beyoncé. It’ll be interesting to see how the album pans out, because if you asked someone with fresh ears they’d probably guess that Thugger was singing before they said he was rapping. No matter what, it’s sure to cause an uproar just like anything Young Thug does. Until then, stream the track below and stay tuned to True Too for all your hip hop needs.

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