Friday and Intuition Remind Us Of Alzheimer’s Impact

Emotionally charged and at the whim of fate, Friday and Intuition reminisce on the cards that they’ve been dealt in “Changes” and “Imagining.” In both songs, the artists talk of how they individually deal with family members being afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. While the loss of a loved one is no easy weight to rest on your heart, slowly losing someone while they’re still alive is a unique cross to bear. Alzheimer’s has affected an estimate of 5.3 million Americans in 2015 and bearing the weight of Alzheimer’s, if anything, it’s equally difficult for both those with Alzheimer’s and their family members. Both music videos are heavy to take as losing a family member before completely losing them is frustrating, hard, and isn’t a situation without some sort of emotional toll.

In “Changes,” the sugary R&B hook wraps around the somber and solemn delivery Friday brings to the table. The Toronto-based rapper describes doing his best to take care of his mom while trying to not let worry and guilt get to him by focusing on his craft. Whether or not it’s a method that truly works out in the end, it’s practically impossible to live a life without conflict digging its nails into your mind.



On the other side of the table is Intuition and Equalibrum’s “Imagining” which is rooted in the same cause, just with different effect. While still littered with grave content matter, Intuition lashes out in anger wishing that he could have done something to change the way the dice were rolled for his dad and his family. Frankly, the worst feeling you can have isn’t from playing your cards wrong, but from getting a short hand and not having the chance to even play them.



Both artists strongly urge listeners to donate to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, with Friday donating 90% of the proceeds from “Changes” to the foundation itself.

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