Future Lets it all Out on his Latest Album “HNDRXX”

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In a half an hour interview with Zane Lowe (and Future interviews are rare!), Future lets it all out – well, nearly as much as in this album.

Future has recently said that he wants to reconnect with his fans, go more “underground” so to speak, and releasing two albums in the space of a week is a good place to start. Two albums in one week. Two #1 albums. And more importantly, two very different albums.

I wouldn’t even say that he’s reconnecting with fans solely because he has dropped 34 tracks in one week. He is reconnecting with his supporters by providing music for the whole spectrum of fans. Future gave us everything that we expect to hear from the superstar artist – trapping, codeine, guns, and bitches over banging instrumentals. I’m actually still hypnotized by that flute on “Mask Off”.

But HNDRXX is a much more personal album. As Future has said, this project was created on a whole different head space.  It’s a breath of fresh air to see the trap artist really let it all out. We have seen Future tap into his emotions before on songs like “Perkys Calling”, “Purple Reign”, and “Codeine Crazy”, which are arguably some of his better songs. It seems like Future has realized this, and it can be said that with HNDRXX, the 33 year old has created a new genre which resembles a fusion of contemporary RnB and Trap.

With this new genre, Future has managed to distance himself from other artists – nobody would listen to HNDRXX and think of Desiigner, who has previously been accused of jacking Future’s swag.

This album is a roller coaster of emotions, starting with the deeply personal “My Collection”, and ending with the 7 minute long “Sorry”, where he apologizes for hurting his loved ones and promises to make it up to them. With lyrics such as “Sold crack to a pregnant lady, forgive me for the crack baby”, it seems like Future feels guilty about things he has done in his past and wants to let it all off his chest. Many moments in the artist’s life have clearly inspired this album.  In “Neva Missa Lost”, he speaks on his current relationship – he feels like he is losing his woman, and promises to be there for her whenever she needs him.

Personally, I’m more of a “banger Future” fan, so my favorite track on this album is “Looking Exotic” – a very lavish sounding track both lyrically and sonically. In the song he speaks on spoiling his woman in order for her to look exotic while she’s with him. The great thing about this album is that all the songs have the same sound, but still manage to somehow stand apart from one another. There are some who won’t enjoy the slower vibes on this album. In that case, they’re probably listening to Future rather than HNDRXX. And that’s how Future stays winning.

Stream HNDRXX below and let us know what you think of Future’s second installment in the comment section. For all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.

Editor’s note: Ellen Degeneres says Future is not done. According to her official website, he’s aiming to release a THIRD album in quick succession. Is this really possible? Was this a mistake by somebody on Ellen’s team? This episode, in which Future is performing, will air next Thursday, the 2nd of March.


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