Get Scatterbrained with The Bishops

One of the many great things about indie-based hip-hop production is the recurring reliance on sidechained drums and being young. The Bishops embrace that, yet what sticks them out in a genre that’s so crowded due to accessibility is their idea that motifs don’t have to stop at lyrics.

“I ain’t tryna live forever, just tryna live better.”

There are a ton of take-away lines from The Bishop’s new track “Mr. Scatterbrained.” Although vocals don’t come into play within a minute, in context, it’s incredibly done. From the beginning, it’s clear that the idea behind “Scatterbrained” is fully embraced by the sibling trio. It almost seems like there’s hesitation to start, and the parts where vocals are absent are only parts where the instrumental can play its role. The first minute of the track previews the main melody with a ton of Jai Paul half-second percussion changes that show up out of nowhere.

With the whole track focused on the group’s family dynamic and their views on millennial society that they themselves are a part of, the youthfulness of the track still remains clear. The song ends off with Cara Bishop singing “This is my world to conquer” and faintly hums along with the track until it abruptly ends. It’s genuine as hell. Being youthful isn’t having high ambitions and doing nothing about it. Being youthful is having high ambitions and having absolutely no fucking idea on when and how to start the chase before it’s too late.

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