Gloh along with The Melodik Tribe

The 2000s were weird as shit. People thought the world was going to end at the turn of the century, and a year later, it almost did. The sentence: Cam’ron was on Bill O’Reily” was a thing. J Dilla also took the idea of a sidechain and literally made it a staple in Hip Hop.
“Gloh” is very 2000s at its core, which is fantastic. The Melodik Tribe has tapped into an era for inspiration and made something all their own. It’s not trying to churn out any manufactured nostalgia because it realizes what era Tumblr is really into now, it’s pure fun.

The hook is catchy, lyrics are simple and not corny at all, and the song actually manages to sound purely original. “Gloh” reaches an entirely new level of smooth, with a variety of unique rhythms and melodies scattered through the track. Cloudy and never overbearing, the synth breakdown around the halfway mark of the song is structurally wonky, almost drunk, it almost seems fitting to call it “post-odd future.” “Gloh” is a testament to a time period that is still fresh in every millennial’s mind but captures the sound that every one of those people are listening to right now. Solemn, sobering, and sound, The Melodik Tribe guides you through with simple, pivotal boom-bap progression and sultry voices to accompany the instrumental in beautiful matrimony.

Like the Digital Underground or The Fugees, The Melodik Tribe is its own musical family and when you are put into a creative situation with people you love, the end product almost always comes out as a success. Check out more about the group on their Twitter, take a listen to the eerily shining “Gloh” below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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