Gucci Mane Braces the World for New Album with “Hurt A Nigga Feelings”

Despite having a great deal more freedom than in the past few years, Gucci Mane remains on a role, dropping what seems like a new project every two or three months. Just a few days ago he announced that DropTopWop, his next album, will release on Friday. This also marks the one year anniversary of his release from prison and the beginning of the clone rumors.


“Hurt A Nigga Feelings” is released alongside its accompanying music video. View with caution, however, as a good deal of it takes place in Atlanta’s infamous Magic City and is thus very NSFW. “If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you,” reveals the tracks producer (you best know by now that this means Metro Boomin, but there’s always some, smh), who in this case is in charge of the beats for the entirety of DropTopWop. There’s no doubt that this was an excellent choice, because Gucci sounds damn good over this beat. He seems to rap his verses with more intensity and velocity at parts, the trap drums backing him perfectly. Per usual he doesn’t get too deep with his braggadocios lyrics, though some punchlines stand out like “All these antidepressants I sell, I think that I’m a shrink.” Gucci switching up his cadence for the chorus helps keep the song going too and really ties the track together as a whole. If this preview is any indicator of the whole, DropTopWop may be Guwop’s hottest album since stepping out from behind bars.

Just today Gucci Mane shared the artwork for the album as well, a colorful cartoon of Gucci and Metro with money pouring out of their drop top. It will be interesting to see if his engagement will affect his themes and lyrics on some of the other tracks, because hearing him rap about his love for one woman instead of all the hoes he’s banging would be a new and very interesting experience. 2 Chainz, Young Dolph, and Rick Ross will all make appearances on the album, executive produced by Gucci Boomin, a duo that will certainly be interesting to follow past this collaboration. View the video below (but maybe turn down your brightness first depending on where you’re currently located), and stay tuned to True Too for more updates on DropTopWop and all your hip hop needs.

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