Guwop’s Back With A Brand New Video

The US Government confirmed today that it has developed the ability to clone American citizens and as proof, I ask you to please direct your eyes to Gucci Mane’s video for “First Day Out Tha Feds”.

Set in Guwop’s lavish all white mansion that has been such a fixture in his social media as of late, the video focuses in on the recent rumors of the Trap God having been replaced by a clone while he was incarcerated the past two years.

This what ya’ll been askin for! So here it come #EverybodyLooking JULY 22!

A photo posted by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on

Gucci clones populate his relatively sparse office and shots of fresh white Jordan 6’s, ankle bracelets and a whole lotta cash are the name of the game here. What else did you expect from a Guwop video? He also takes the time to show off his newly minted prison physique which can only be described as “clean but opulent” aka ripped.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mr. Zone 6’s upcoming album “Everybody’s Looking” dropping on July 22nd and check back to TrueToo for every hip hop.

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