Today in Hip Hop History: HBD Tyler

One of contemporary hip hop’s favorite da Vincis is turning 26 today. Neither West nor Glover, this just might be the youngest to do it all. The title gives it away already, so unless you’re completely oblivious you know by this point we’re talking about Tyler, The Creator. This spastic upstart founded an extremely successful rap collective, clothing line, and festival just to name a few of his numerous accomplishments. Of course his own foray into rap has been successful as well, having released four studio albums already along with a few collaborative mixtapes. And again, he just turned 26 today.

There’s no questioning Tyler’s artistry and success, but there’s no denying this dude still acts like a goofy teenager when he’s not being serious with his work. As he continues to get older it’ll be interesting to see if the guy who started his career rapping about some pretty crude topics and content will ever settle down. Clearly he’s already matured some, as made evident by the shifts in his music. Still, one of raps brightest and darkest characters, seemingly at the same time, remains an enigma.

True Too is excited to continue to follow Tyler, The Creator throughout his career and see what else he makes of it. We’re just about two years removed from his last album, Cherry Bomb (April 2015), for which a documentary was recently released and has since sold out. So it’s clearly time for some new music, and hopefully that’s exactly what 2017 will gift us. He bonded a great deal with A$AP Rocky on their joint tour, and have been in the booth together, though no official collaborations have come of it yet. That would be a dope surprise drop, but only time will tell. Until then, happy birthday Tyler, hope it’s a good one.

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