Hip Hop Pays Respects to the Starman

David Bowie
David Bowie

Yesterday we lost one of the most influential artists of all time in David Bowie. After an 18 month battle with cancer, Bowie passed away amongst his family at the age of 69. Bowie recently released what would be his final album, Blackstar, on his birthday this past January 8th. However, Bowie wasn’t just masterful in his music, as he transcended his greatness into art, theater and fashion as well. He was a risk taker and a ground breaker; a role model and inspiration to many. So much so that he even touched the lives of many former and current hip hop greats such as Kendrick Lamar. This might come as a surprise due to the fact that David Bowie was not a rapper; but he was a musician. A musician who was able to create absolute gold for many, many years. Many rap stars have even sampled Bowie for his great production; like “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, “Alive On Arrival” by Ice Cube, “Takeover” by Jay Z and many more. His overall artistry and creative vision is what really set him apart from the average musician. These traits are what many hip-hop artists would like to possess to be able to break the mold and push the boundaries of what it means to be an elite artist.


Here’s a list of a few artists that paid their respects to Bowie:

Kid Cudi

The Weeknd

Kanye West


Kendrick Lamar

David Bowie’s influence has spread throughout all types of music. The fact he was able to touch hip-hop in a big way speaks volumes to the legacy he leaves behind. Bowie made it cool to be you. Whatever crazy thing it is you liked, from his kick-ass hair to his wild and vibrant outfits, he was not only being original but also himself. Bowie was a gateway into the future and far ahead of his time. There’s nothing else we can do now other than thank him for what he’s done, and that includes us hip-hop heads. He made it more acceptable to be different. Without Bowie there might not be a platform for artists like Tyler, The Creator. There might not be a Kid Cudi who isn’t afraid to take a risk on Speeding Bullet To Heaven or a Kanye West who made My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Hip-hop needed Bowie just as much as everyone else did. So to end I’ll just leave you with this: