Some of you are probably familiar with South Central’s DUCKWRTH, the funky fresh rapper/singer/graphic designer/creator who rocks to his own groove. You might have heard of his name from being on the current Malibu tour with Anderson .Paak; which we all know isn’t a bad gig. DUCKWRTH is currently working on his upcoming project I’M UUGLY and recently dropped a new track off of said project titled “LOWRIDR.” The artwork shows DUCKWRTH on his bike riding smack dab in the middle of what is probably the milky way, or whatever dope universe he has conjured up in his mind. It should also be noted on the image that some of DUCKWRTH’s limbs seem to have lost connection to his body. The art matches along with the Ru AREYOU production and definitely does the wavy track justice.

Man I hate the bus, I’d rather just ride my bike / Put that ass on my handlebars, and everything is alright

“LOWRIDR” feels like the ultimate “Throwback Thursday” track with its simple but elegant beat; with silky background vocals included by Alyssa Brianne Bernal to top off the nostalgia sundae. “LOWRIDR” is the second official track slated to be on the I’M UUGLY project, following behind the appropriately titled “GET UUGLY.” The tracks feel like the perfect compliment to each other, which shows DUCKWRTH could be on his way to making a cohesive masterpiece that emphasizes the peace and harmony in ones’ life. If you’re interested in getting behind the I’M UUGLY movement, you can check out some of those wearables here.

The Malibu tour is still in progress so don’t miss out on an opportunity to see DUCKWRTH live in action. You can take a listen to “LOWRIDR” below, and be sure to keep an eye out for I’M UUGLY dropping later this year.

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