Ice Cube Reminds Us There’s “Only One Me”

There’s no debate that Ice Cube is an OG. His reputation may seem lightly tarnished thanks to odd movie roles, *cough Are We There Yet *cough,* but it’s impossible to deny his impact on not only rap but our culture in general. Cube’s latest track, “Only One Me,” is affirming his status, a braggadocios throwback to 90’s gangster rap filled with nostalgic intensity. The track is a preview of some of the new material being included on his upcoming Death Certificate 25th anniversary edition, delivering some fresh life to the West Coast classic.

Cube doesn’t rap with any of the laid back swagger heard on Death Certificate, instead opting to fire off line after line of self praise like bullets from a gun. “If Cube ain’t top three, then yous a bitch to me,” is one of the more polarizing lines, backed up immediately by “Ask the young nigga that invented Eazy-E,” one of his many accomplishments that he recognizes. The chorus is of course his declaration of originality, stating that his the the original, the prototype, for many of today’s big names. To be honest, it’s not hard to listen to this and immediately compare it to someone like Killer Mike. All of this backs an equally aggressive beat, with big horns and drums. They nearly hide an eery strings progression that brings the entirety of the production together nicely. It’s a shame that there isn’t any of the classic West Coast synth audible on this track, but surely it won’t be missing from the other new songs he’s got hidden away.

With Snoop Dogg’s new album having just dropped it seems as if there is a resurgence occurring amongst the OG’s. Even The D.O.C. has a compilation project planned that features a lot of classic names. No complaints here though, oldies are still the goodies. Stream the track below and let us know how you feel about the new Ice Cube in the comments, and stay tuned to True Too for all your hip hop needs.

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