Illuminate – Polymath Review

Polymath is rapper Illuminate‘s debut EP, and it is entirely self-produced with no features. A self-made Tennessee artist, Illuminate is coming up in the rap game with his Logic-like flow, and a precise delivery that could belong to a veteran player in the game. Throughout the seven tracks, Illuminate shows why he can make a name for himself in rap.

The production throughout the EP left a mark, especially since it was all done by Illuminate himself. Polymath is filled with hard hitting beats that are showered with electronic influences. Whether Illuminate flows over an up-tempo track or hits his rhymes over a slowed down banger, each track shows versatility in Illuminate’s rapping and production. Take for instance “Just Be” where Illuminate takes a moment to spaz on the beat with some braggadocious rhymes and compare it to “You Would,” where Illuminate slows it down and sings on the hook for us.

No matter the type of track, Illuminate stays aggressive throughout the whole of Polymath. A prime example of Illuminate’s skills is “Aficionado.” Opening with some skipping keys, Illuminate attacks this track with a hard flow, hitting every mark on the beat; and yes this beat is wild. At just before the two-minute mark the beat gets broken down and leads to a very strong finish from Illuminate.

Illuminate also has the ability tell stories through his rhymes, as shown on “Ohhh Lord” and “Whoah.” “Ohhh Lord” is the tale of Illuminate making it when not everyone necessarily believed in him, the basic rags to riches rapper story with a twist on the beat. Then on “Whoah,” Illuminate illustrates people trying to get at him for shady deals, like agents and labels, who aren’t shelling out that cash the way they properly should. Illuminate makes it clear throughout Polymath that you should never test or doubt in his abilities, a confidence needed for an up-and-comer bursting on the scene.

A polymath is defined as a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. This is Illuminate’s first project, and it definitely matches up to that definition as a student of the rap game trying to blow up with his already steady skills. His producing talent is there and the potential for growth in the future is visible. Lyrically, Illuminate does a good job. With nice flow, once he advances his rhymes to that next level (where he did reach at spots on the album) he will be able to progress even further in the game. Illuminate is definitely a name to put on your radar and an artist to keep up with. Take a listen to Polymath below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.