I Spy a KYLE and Lil Yachty Collab

iSpy kyle lil yachty

If you want to get into who might be the happiest or most uplifting rappers in the game, KYLE and Lil Yachty would definitely have to be in the conversation. They just ooze joy and positivity anytime they touch the mic. It just so happens these two have linked up for a track called “iSpy,” and damn, does it sound good. To be honest we never would have saw this collab coming, but it’s a good thing it happened. The pair compliment each other so well making for another addition to this hot December we have ahead of us.

I spy with my little eye / A girly I can get, cause she don’t get too many likes / A curly headed cutie I can turn into my wife / Wait, that means forever ever, hold up nevermind

“iSpy” opens with a funny intro, as KYLE is going on about how he has been feeling down in the dumps and not feeling the best about life. But don’t fret, his homie Lil Boat is there to save the day and cheer him up. Yachty helps KYLE realize all of the good things he got going on around him, and helps point out a certain curly headed cutie. The production feels like a breezy summer day, which might contrast with the current season, but it’s nice to get that warm feeling and vibe out with a smile on your face. The hook is simple and infectious; the kind you find stuck in your head throughout the day. For those nervous about the Yachty feature, let me tell you right now, don’t be. Yachty’s voice sounds perfect over the beat. While he does rap about balls on his nut-sack right away, things get much better from there. Especially around the 2:45 mark where Yachty explodes, almost going super saiyan, reviving “iSpy’s” energy.

KYLE has been busy dropping a lot of heat lately, with his video for “Doubt It” premiering at the end of October, along with “Blame” last month. Take a listen to the super duper collab below and let us know what you think in the comments. For all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.


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