Youtube star turned Rap god – it’s officially Pink Season

Have you heard? Pink Season is officially upon us. This is bigger than Winter in Game of Thrones. So if you’re reading this, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Filthy Frank, the ultra YouTube/meme superstar, has released his grand hip-hop debut Pink Season under the moniker Pink Guy (whom you may know from some of his past videos).

To begin, it’s probably better to acknowledge that what you thought you knew about hip-hop is now all wrong. Quit lying to yourself that Drake is still number one. Nope, not Chance either. Sorry Kendrick. Pink Guy has officially snatched the game at the seams and is shredding through the charts. Pink Season is charismatic, lush, bold, and quite possibly the magnum opus of all rap debuts.

Bold & Brash

“I just fucked your bitch, YAHHH” is what gets screamed on “Are You Serious,” a track of epic proportions. Pink Guy isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, something that becomes a staple of Pink Season. On “Gay 4 Donald,” PG isn’t afraid to let his true emotions show. While the U.S. seems highly divided on the Drumpf presidency, PG’s feelings fall somewhere in between. It takes a certain kind of bravery to profess a love like this for such a polarizing figure. Your move, Donny. On “I Will Get a Vasectomy,” PG doesn’t hold back in the slightest and lets the kids know how fucking stupid they are. Pink Season is filled with these hot takes, making it one of the most controversial pieces of art this decade.


The subject matter on Pink Season is so diverse you feel like you get a real inside look at PG’s life. The album touches on love(“Nickelodeon Girls”), socially conscious topics (“White is Right”), nostalgia (“High School Blink193”), and more. It’s a rarity that an artist would dive into these many categories but PG takes a bold dive deep down the spectrum. The skits on Pink Season rival that of Kanye’s College Dropout, especially on “Goofy’s Trial” which gives us a dark and real look into the U.S. justice system. PG gets super-introspective on “Meme Machine,” the track that probably hits closest to home for him as an artist and what his life has become, thanks to society’s obsession with meme culture.


Metro Boomin is dying for Pink Guy to trust him if that sheds some light on how crazy the beats on Pink Season are. PG uses elements from punk rock, country, trap, and pop to create a fusion of sound that had yet to grace society’s ears until now. “Rice Balls” is perhaps one of the most beautifully produced tracks in the history of hip-hop, a beat that any gifted lyricist would die to lay some bars over. The keys at 1:15 create a pure euphoric moment of bliss. “STFU” finds PG starting off with what sounds like an acoustic indie ballad before the beat switches into an absolute banger. Seriously, try bumping this without the bass blowing your speakers out. PG somehow manages to intertwine the softness of the hook with the raw hardness of the verses. This is versatility displayed at its finest.


If we’re being honest, Pink Season was unfortunately not vulgar enough. PG definitely scaled back his language to help out with commercial success. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but it would have been nice to hear a few more “cunt” bombs. Other than that, PG is a lyrical wizard on this motherfucker. There’s a sheer brilliance in how he is able to morph his flow to match any style of beat. “I Do It For My Hood” is a track that will be getting played at every club from here on out and while it’s not only for the catchy production, the lyricism on this one hits at a deeper level:

I do it for my streets / I do it for my hood / I do it for my momma / I do what’s good / I do it for my cat / I do it for my dog / I do it for my hamster / I do it for my fish

While we might not know what it’s like putting on for our respected hoods, day in, and day out, PG makes it extremely relatable for listeners.

Pink Season
is here to take over the rap game. If you’re not embracing it then you might be left behind, because Pink Guy isn’t waiting for anybody. I mean the man dedicated an entire track to dissing Young Thug. No fears and no boundaries is an excellent way to describe this project, as it’s bold positions makes a statement for PG to become the hottest in the game. Take a listen to Pink Season below, but when you do, make sure to have some towels handy because your mind might fucking explode.

Our Rating

10 69/10