Izzy Strange & Eligh are “Holding onto Pain

Pennsylvania’s Izzy Strange is back with a new single, partnering up with his past collaborator Eligh for the upfront and personal “Holding onto Pain.”

Communication was the key but we don’t speak to each other

Izzy addresses the idea of bottling things up and the way how past experiences and damages can resurface sometime later. The beat to this thing is pretty mellow and the guitar in back really helps accentuate the overall theme. It almost has a certain western vibe to it, and we know Izzy isn’t afraid to blend genres as we’ve seen in the past. The song’s artwork is another nice play on the overall song, as it features what looks like a pretty beaten up voodoo doll. We’re dealt a lot of things throughout our life and you may never know what will stick with you or when it will come back up to the light. Shit hurts, man. Izzy wants to make it clear that the longer we hold onto the pain, the more it will push us to lose our minds. Not everyone is built to overcome it.

This is Izzy’s second single this year, both of which are a part of he and Eligh’s Strange Crow collaboration. So the Pennsylvania rapper seems to be keeping busy after his biggest year yet in 2017. Hopefully this means more to come soon on the horizon.

Take a listen to “Holding onto Pain” by Izzy Strange and Eligh below:

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