Jarami: A prospect in smooth, Swedish Electronic R&B


The past two years for Europe have been as interesting as post-WWII. Headline after headline continues to churn out of Europe, granted that a war-torn Warsaw can’t be compared to Brexit and Germany’s influx of immigrants (although some might agree to disagree).  One of those headlines has Sweden’s best musical act since Ace of Base.

Jarami’s an Electronic and R&B duo who have had a fantastic year. Their official remix of Aaliyah and Mar E. Bassy’s “Rock the Boat” racked up 400,000 plays on Soundcloud. Their remix of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” garnered support from the person who wrote the song, Bibi Bourelly.

“You’re Good But I’m Better” is their latest song and the title is perfect. The bubbly percussion and hybrid soulful/explicit lyricism are both traits of a new style in underground hip-hop production. Everyone else in the scene expresses this type of style “good,” Jamari is just doing it “better.”

The instrumental alone is regal with a sample of what sounds like a baby Yoshi complementing trumpets.
Lively and upbeat, it’s hard to find repetition anywhere. Everything that makes the beat great is kept throughout the whole track, although landing under four minutes, makes none of it boring to listen to.

Kill J provides the vocals for the first half of the track and she murders it. The hook grabs you instantly and the verse leading up to the hook aids the vibe of the whole instrumental perfect. When the track builds up, she builds up. Kill J intensifies everything throughout progression; from structure to the rhythm of her vocals, there’s a proper plan behind everything she executed.

The hook is reminiscent of the surge of R&B/Hip-Hop music in the early 2000s. It’s Destiny’s Child on bubblegum flavored steroids.
Marc E. Bassy is on the second verse, riding the beat just as well as Kill J. With lines like “My girl, she so bad, make me look like a scrub,” he only makes the track maintain its cutesy-pop vibe.
Jarami’s SoundCloud bio reads “groove youngin, groove.”

“You’re Good But I’m Better” makes that sound like a criminal understatement. Listen below and follow the group  on twitter.

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