Jarami Remixes Chinah’s “We Go Back” feat. Skizzy Mars

Jarami We Go Back

The R&B DJ duo Jarami has come out to give CHINAH‘s “We Go Back” a dope remix, one that gives it a fresh dose of electronic soul. You might recognize Jarami from their debut track “Wings” that featured Jesse Boykins III and Pell. This time around they get the help of Skizzy Mars who always steps up to the plate with his rhymes. This is a groovy joint that puts you into a trance right from the get go.

Let’s get straight to it. CHINAH has a voice that’s on Tinashe-like levels making the track feel like it’s wrapped in exotic silks. The original did enough to showcase that, but Jarami’s magic added a whole other layer to the touching mystique and softness of her voice. The synths and strings laced throughout the backdrop are subtle, with nice touches that drag you in deeper and deeper as the song plays. Within the track, Skizzy comes in just before the two minute mark to make the whole track feel more complete. “We Go Back” sounds and feels like there’s nothing else in the world but you and your buddies enjoying yourselves together. That’s how smooth this joint really is.

Jarami is preparing to drop their first EP sometime this year so be sure to keep that on your radar. If you can’t wait that long, check their Soundcloud page out for some other really dope mixes. Take a listen to “We Go Back” below and let us know what you think in the comments.