Introducing Jasz, The Massachusetts Rapper Strapped Up Like Rambo

jasz lynn massachusetts
Jasz of Lynn, MA

Despite having released his only solo track on SoundCloud almost a year ago, Lynn, Massachusetts rapper Jasz has remained busy doing anything but relaxing. He is constantly in the studio, having created a nest egg of tracks that he plans to release over the course of the next couple months. The grind never stops as Jasz claims quality over quantity. Refusing to generalize his sound under a single label, he claims to “be into that soulful music” but also “making a whole lot of different shit” at any opportunity he gets.

The first track in the series, “Rambo,” is one of his more different tracks, standing out from other soul-sampling tracks hidden in his vault. Boasting a dark key progression and hard trap-sounding drums, “Rambo” is in your face with braggadocious lyrics, flow switches, and a catchy hook. Jasz sports a contagious confidence and is sure to dominate the club with his future tracks.

Listen to “Rambo” below, and for all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.

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