Jay Electronica Wants To Delete His Album

Jay Electronica In Nepal via Mass Appeal
Jay Electronica In Nepal via Mass Appeal

Brows were furrowed last week at New York’s Santos Party House, as Jay Electronica revealed that he often considers ‘pressing the delete button’ on his long-awaited debut album Act II: Patents Of Nobility, Mass Appeal reported.

While performing, a voice from the crowd called out to Jay, asking him about the invariably-delayed album, set to take over as rap’s new Detox.  In his reply, the New Orleans rapper stated “I was just backstage talking about that with [Jason] Goldwatch. We were talking about the delete button.”  Ironic, really, considering Dr. Dre essentially ‘deleted’ Detox a few months ago.

It’d be very easy to be angry with Jay Electronica after such a muddled, confusing and disappointing few years.  In spite of being one of the genre’s most revered talents, Jay is approaching 40, and has only released a couple of (clearly unfinished) tracks this year.  Thus it comes as no surprise that even his staunchest fans are beginning to lose interest in him.

Jay’s fear of releasing work is well-documented: he had to be pushed by Just Blaze to release the seminal track ‘Exhibit C’, and he sat on ‘Better In Tune’ for an enormous three years before finally mustering up the courage to release it.  However, this amicable fear is harmfully contradicted by his lack of inhibition when it comes to social media, and the attention he garners by announcing (clearly false) release windows through Twitter.  Jay Electronica is the Derrick Rose of rap, and the fact that Jay can actually control his output makes this analogy even more damning.

Whether he’s terrified of putting out a sub-par album or is consciously pushing himself into irrelevancy, Jay is alienating what’s left of his fanbase, and this news makes me much less excited to see him perform in London next month.

For a chance to listen to Jay’s jumbled but excellent discography, this is a good place to start.  He will be performing at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in November.

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