“Just In Case” you didn’t know, Jazz Cartier drops Bangers

Why wasn’t Jazz Cartier a 2016 XXL freshman? Fresh off an energized performance at Lollapalooza this past Thursday, the Toronto rapper dropped some fresh heat. “Just In Case” is a continuation of his most recent album Hotel Paranoia, one of the better albums to drop this year. This track fits right in with standouts like “100 Roses” and “Opera.” Jacuzzi’s young career is forming a strong foundation on bass slapping bangers.

Cartier’s lyrical delivery is intense as always, switching from verse to verse and on the chorus. What’s most impressive is his ability to fire off words with blazing speed. Switching flows this frequently also keeps the track engaging from start to finish. Little insertions into his flow like the laugh also assist into breaking it up. His lyrics affirm his presence in Hip-hop. If Drake is the hero that Toronto wants, Jazz Cartier is the hero that Toronto needs to restore order and take their global presence to the next level.

“Lantz, is that you” in the outro credits Jacuzzi’s day-one producer Michael Lantz. He provides another one of his signature beats, combining trappy high-hats with  a high-pitched horn over distorted, heavy bass. Lantz never fails to provide hard hitting slappers and deserves just as much recognition as Jazz does for his contribution to his music. The way in which Lantz’s beats seem to be perfectly tailored to Cartier’s rapping make the duo yet another potent Toronto-based pairing.

Jazz Cartier is climbing the ladder and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him reach a higher level of stardom by the end of this year. If he continues to provide quality tracks like “Just In Case” and sticks with Michael Lantz, his success seems ensured. Stream the track below and keep checking in at True Too for more updates on Jazz Cartier and all things Hip-hop.

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