JEFFERY The Album Review

JEFFERY is Young Thug, or Jeffery’s, most important album to date. Thug is unveiling a whole new persona through the highlight moments on this tape (including fart noises and homages to Prince), where JEFFERY has its creativity from start to finish.

Thug in a lavender fluffy dress and oversized hat is something that, at this point, was not surprising to see on the album cover. This is the guy who admittedly wears child dresses. He’s eccentric as hell. If anyone was really a “rockstar” in hip-hop it would be Thug. He never even touches on the fact that he is. It’s unfortunate that Thug continues his trend of introducing these interesting ideas but continues to be boxed in typical trap formula.

Still, JEFFERY is his most consistent project. Every song on here is hard. There’s a whole new arsenal of vocal tricks that Thug tries out that are fucking hilarious and work incredibly well. On “Swizz Beatz” Thug starts to rap in this raspy voice that sounds forced and something two kids in a trenchcoat would sound like if they were trying to get R-rated tickets.

Thug says that every track on this project is named after people he looks up to. One of those people is Harambe.

Now this could have either been a decision made by Lyor Cohen just to stir up some buzz but picturing Thug drawing inspiration from the long gone instrumental is hilarious. Thugger’s voice cracking all over the place makes him sound like he’s towards the end of a terminal illness. You would think he’s rapping for his life with that passion. Like Harambe.

Hilarity is actually a huge factor when it comes to the lyrics of JEFFERY. Lines like “Lil Mama, she wet like a boat” being repeated over and over again in “Future Swag” are memorable and still maintain Thug’s silliness.
The last track on JEFFERY that went through four name changes until resting with “Kanye West” (who coincidentally is no stranger to name changes) is the best song of the project. The soft piano melody in the bridge is beautiful, the hook is incredibly memorable, and not just for a club setting. It’s a song that we rarely see from any trap artist. Something that can transcend the club. “Kanye West” is a genuinely great song that utilizes Young Thug’s greatest skill: Melody. Wyclef Jean is also fantastic on this track, with a much needed Maury reference.
Although JEFFERY continues on Thug’s constant struggle between being a great personality with interesting ideas trapped in a confined sonic box, it still proves to be consistent on all fronts. Tracks like “Kanye West” show that Thug’s capabilities greatly exceed 808s and stupidly-fast hi hats, but until he can fully go through with that versatility, Thug will be one of hip-hop’s greatest wasted potentials.


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6 Jeffery

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