Joey Bada$$ – San Diego – North Park Theater

After about a 15 minute break the lights turned off and music started playing even though the curtain was still down. The curtains were raised less than a minute later to reveal a DJ mixing in front of a very starry futuristic backgrounds surrounded by balls of lights. This was by far the best DJ of the night. I was really impressed by how hype he got the crowd.

He then played “Save The Children” and Joey walked out as soon as his verse started and the energy was high. He then went straight into “95 till infinity”. After the song ended he said

“The more energy you give to me the more energy I give to y’all”

This crowd definitely brought the energy Joey Bad wanted. He then went on to preform “Waves” and “Funky Ho’$” from his mixtape 1999. After the song he mentioned that tomorrow was the three year anniversary of the tape coming out. He then gave out his first shout out to J Dilla. At this point of the show the energy kinda died down to a nice mellow vibe. Lighters were in the air as he played “Hardknock”. After a few more tracks like “Paper Trails” and “Hazeus View” Joey was really trying to revive the crowd with his delivery. He would often spit harder and faster during the ends of songs. After getting the crowd to flip each other off and yell “Fuck That Side” he went straight into “Christ Conscious”. As it says in my notes this got the crowd “Hype AF”, two separate mosh pits opened up and everyone was into it.

After “No.99” fellow Pro Era member Nyck Caution joined him on stage. Joey then let Nyck preform a track while he kinda stood behind next to the DJ. Joey came back up front to preform a couple more tracks with Caution acting as his hype man. At one point he stopped to honor the deceased Pro Era member Capital Steez.

R.I.P. Steez.

After a moment of silence a very loud “Joey” chant started but he quickly changed it to a “Steezo” chant. It was really cool to see Joey really honoring him and it was obvious how much he misses him. He then said he wanted to play one more track (Survival Tactics ft. Capital Steeze) so he told the whole front pit to open up. Except for some fucbois trying to look cool in the middle the pit quickly opened up. This was like seeing wild animals ready to eat. Kids couldn’t wait to mosh and Joey even had to yell at them to wait for the drop. Once the beat dropped chaos started. The entire front pit of people were going CRAZY! Joey and Nyck eventually jumped into the crowd and the DJ came to the front of the stage and was going wild. I even wanted to jump in from where I was standing. After the track Joey reminded everyone he is out for world domination then shamelessly plugged his merch booth. After signing some stuff for fans he left the stage and the show was over. While the show did have a slow point Joey really put on a great show. He really showed off his ability to be an MC.