Roll those windows down to June Jissle’s ‘Chanel Girls’

June Jissle

With a smooth and sultry cadence about his instrumentals, June Jissle’s got a fresh summer air about his style. The Connecticut artist is refreshing to say the least. Producers can hit the mainstream, sure. It’s just less accessible and easier to recognize a rapper over a producer. Still, like Metro Boomin or J Dilla, there’s something about June Jissle that makes his latest album Chanel Girls so invigorating to listen to. That “something” is because of the character that he exemplifies through his instrumentals. Think about how hard that is.

Inspired and Tasteful

Check into Chanel Girls and trust me, it’s full of inspiration. ATTLAS’ Siren EP was the last time I saw track to track named after girls, but June’s different. June Jissle’s a true artist and producer at heart purely based off of all the new and exciting instrumentals he’s making under the sun. June’s “Honey” is reminiscent of J Dilla’s “The Diff’rence” in Donuts. Coupled with that, “Graduation Dropout” rolls in with a tasty boom-bap behind a Windy city squirrel sample. It’s hard to find a qualm eight tracks in and it’s doubtable to see one throughout the 19 minute, 10 track project. If there had to be an issue, it’s that it’s so damn short.

That doesn’t stray from the fact that Chanel Girls is done with incredible taste. Of the ten tracks, none of them are too busy, nor are they boring. Every track jumps out at you from start to finish with “Chels” ending Chanel Girls strong. Cooing and eastern piano never sounded so damn good with chops and screws.

Listen to Chanel Girls below and save it. Roll those windows down and drive to it because trust, ladies will get soaked within a five-mile radius. For more on hip hop, the culture, and everything that should be worth a listen, keep reading on at TrueToo.


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