Juvann’s Great Escape


The first 20 seconds of Marcellus Juvann’s latest project The Great Escape is do-or-die. The knocks, door creaking, Willie Hutch in the background, and the dogs barking. Whatever comes next could make or break the project from the get-go.

This finna be the greatest story ever told.

The Great Escape’s intro kicks off the album in grand fashion. Juvann manages to set the tone for his whole album, tearing his heart out without sounding desperate. A young Kendrick Lamar vibe emanates early, with an Overly Dedicated charm overdosed within the project.

Juvann brings something that is hard to translate in hip-hop for a majority of artists trying to break out: charisma. Still, there are moments in this project where things do feel a bit redundant, if not boring. The distorted vocal moments all over this project sometimes serve as moments that snap at the listener to start paying attention again and it works well.

Shaky Instrumentals

Production is a hit or miss within The Great Escape. The instrumentals are memorable, the soft arena feel of “Get Away” and classic Willie Hutch sample on “Ease Yo Mind” guarantee a second listen, but there are moments where the ever-so-present bass on tracks like “Just Like You” mud out Juvann’s vocals.
“Been On” is fantastic and probably the best song on the album. The plucking strings with the Wondagurl-esque pitch shifted 808s blend together flawlessly. The shift to focusing more on the instrumental towards the latter half of the song works well in Juvann’s favor. After killing the first half, a couple of vocal melodies and a fantastic instrumental are enough to carry the rest of the song.

The Great Escape has a huge focus on not only Juvann’s talent but his consistency. One of the last lyrics on the project is “We gon’ be on forever.” Juvann’s maturity is what makes this project such a fun listen. Juvann is already aware of his talent. Now he’s just trying to put it in stone. Listen below and follow Juvann on twitter here.

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