Kaiydo’s New Track is “Jumpin” Up the Charts

After the release of five above average and very catchy songs, Kaiydo is back at it again with his sixth and final track off of his Colors and Sounds installation. Kaiydo pretty much appeared out of nowhere around last summer. Ever since then, the Orlando rapper has been busy dropping a new song nearly every month. After a prosperous and eventful 2016 for Kaiydo, it only seems fitting to drop the song “Jumpin,” right as the new year begins.

“Jumpin” is all about the success and positivity of the past year for our improving rapper. With lyrics like “All I ever drop is hits, it’s never been hit or miss” and “Got me feeling like Ye with that Jesus piece,” it isn’t hard to tell that Kaiydo is feeling pretty good with his music and with himself. One unique thing that Kaiydo has always done is making cover art for each one of his singles. The cover art always portrays an animated main theme for the song. For example, the cover art for his song, “Lottery,” is a stack of hundred-dollar bills, since that’s clearly what you would get if you won the lottery; them Benjamins. On the other hand the cover art for the upbeat and celebratory “Jumpin” is a television with an astronaut falling through the sky on-screen. It’s safe to presume the space traveler is Kaiydo, and I think it symbolizes him potentially falling from all the hype and success he has gained.

Now with the drop of potentially the last installation off Colors and Sounds , could this mean Kaiydo’s debut mixtape Kartoons is soon to come? The only news released has been that the mixtape will drop in 2017. So now we find ourselves in the new year, and everyone’s going to be asking themselves, “Where’s that Kaiydo mixtape?”

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