What Would President Kanye’s Cabinet Look Like?

kanye president presidential cabinet 2020
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With the 2016 election all over, and the winner being a billionaire internet troll with absolutely no political experience, chances are people are already looking forward to the next one in 2020.

Hip hop heads already know their choice for then.

As a result of this past year’s election outcome, the recent Kanye West announcement of his intention to run in four years now seems less like fantasy and more of a legitimate reality; and fans could not be happier for such a prospect.

Now, in the final days of the Obama Administration, as President Elect Donald Trump solidifies his own Cabinet, Americans will find out just who exactly will comprise the next administration. A group of individuals that will define the next four years of the United States Executive Branch. It’s no coincidence that our boy has been controversially planting the seeds for his inevitable political emergence:

kanye west donald trump donald trump kanye west meeting meet twitter

via Chicago Tribune

So until Yeezy Election Seazon is among us, we at True Too have decided to take a stab at what we think Kanye West’s 2020 Presidential Cabinet would be.

In other words, what would a modern day hip hop Presidential Cabinet look like?

President of the United States
Kanye West

kanye west president 2020 presidential cabinet

No one has a larger personality in hip hop. No one is more polarizing in hip hop. No one is more outspoken in hip hop. Kanye West is, without a doubt, the “President” of our culture. So what’s to say his outburst at the VMA’s is not legitimate?

When I’ve talked about the idea of being President, I’m not saying I have any political views, I don’t have views on politics, I just have a view on humanity. On people. On the truth.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the next President of the United States, Kanye West, and his loyal Presidential Cabinet:

Vice President of the United States
Jay Z

jay z vice president vp kanye president presidential cabinet

Jay Z has always been a “Big Brother” to Kanye. He is a savvy businessman, entrepreneur, and has no problem making decisions. Yeezy couldn’t ask for a better right hand man.

Secretary of State
Kendrick Lamar

kendrick lamar secretary of state kanye president presidential cabinet

via GQ

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most intelligible and conscientious emcees right now. Growing up a good kid in a maad city, K Dot can interact with everyone on the social spectrum, giving him excellent skills to administer foreign policy.

Secretary of the Treasury
Dr. Dre

dr dre secretary of treasury kanye west president presidential cabinet

via eurweb.com

This is a no brainer. Dr. Dre is one of the most financially savvy and lucrative hip hop icons. Besides producing some of the most commercially successfully music in hip hop, Dre has built and sold a $3 billion company in Beats Headphones. Even an arrogant hedge fund manager would trust their money with this guy.

Secretary of Defense
Freddie Gibbs
freddie gibbs secretary of defense kanye president presidential cabinet

Freddie Gibbs is a former Military personnel after he joined the army, and his father was a police department in the Gary, Indiana force. Trading in his uniform for a tracksuit, Gangsta Gibbs has the toughness and authenticity to keep Americans safe.

Attorney General
Rick Ross

rick ross attorney general kayne president presidential cabinet

via streetgangs

Speaking of police officers, Rick Ross was actually a police corrections officer in his former life. After spending a year studying criminal justice, the rapper stressed that his friend’s arrest influenced him to use the law to help people turn their lives around. He would be a great choice for Attorney General.

Secretary of the Interior

yelawolf native american cherokee secretary of the interior kanye president presidential cabinet

The job of the Secretary of The Interior is to “manage and sustain America’s lands, water, wildlife, and energy resources, honors our nation’s responsibilities to tribal nations, and advocates for America’s island communities.” What a better choice than a Part-Native American rapper from rural Alabama? Yelawolf understands the importance of preserving undeveloped or native lands.

Secretary of Agriculture
Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg agriculture weed secretary kanye president presidential cabinet

You knew this was coming. Uncle Snoop is the most famous pothead in hip hop, if not the entire world. He is also the first A-list celebrity to the enter the marijuana market with a full, self-branded line of commercialized cannabis, Leafs By Snoop. No seeds, no stems. Just that sticky icky chron-diddly-onic.

Secretary of Commerce
Pusha T

pusha t commerce kanye president presidential cabinet

King Push is the obvious choice for Secretary of Commerce. Kanye trusts Pusha T in managing his imprint, which is basically his baby. The former coke dealer turned rapper turned President of G.O.O.D. Music eats, breathes, and sleeps business. He could sell a book to Floyd Mayweather.

Secretary of Labor

common secretary of labor kanye president presidential cabinet

via deadline

Civility. Honor. Sincerity. All of these tropes come to mind when I think of Common. He is the voice of reason within the G.O.O.D. Music imprint and stands for equity among the people. He will always fight for what is right and speak up for justice.

Secretary of Health and Human Services

2chainz kanye president presidential cabinet

via BET

Believe it or not, 2Chainz has a college degree in Psychology. It is probably a factor into how he makes such catchy music. Citing his music as personal therapy, the former “Tity Boi” is a truuuuuu man of the people.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Chance The Rapper

chance the rapper kanye president presidential cabinet

via Pigeons and Planes

Chance the Rapper loves giving back. Among the various charity efforts done by the emcee, Chance is a positive influence toward urban development in his hometown of Chicago and across the United States. At such a young age, Chance understands the importance of allocating resources to those who need it the most, and for that we thank you.

Secretary of Transportation
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Kanye President PResidential Cabinet

via Complex

Wiz Khalifa travels in style. Whether he is flying high in jet planes or riding muscles cars and motorcycles, Wiz knows about transportation and getting around. His breakout track “Black and Yellow” is all about his car and repping Pittsburgh colors. Hop on, or you might miss this plane.

Secretary of Energy
Rah Digga

rah digga electrical engineer engineering energy secretary kanye president presidential cabinet

via hip hop scriptures

Rah Digga, the female emcee that came up in the 90s alongside the Fugees, Busta Rhymes and DJ Premier, studied electrical engineering in college. Combining efforts with The Secretary of Interior and the Ambassador of the EPA, Rah Digga can make serious moves towards sustainable energy. Lord knows current domestic energy, such as fracking, is nowhere near sustainable.

Secretary of Education

KRS-One Education Kanye President Presidential Cabinet

via Genius

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everything. When I think of the phrase “phd in hip hop,” only one person comes to mind: KRS-One. He is the OG Professor in hip hop. He is self published and politically outspoken. Above all, he is about dropping knowledge among the population.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs
No Malice

no malice veteran kanye president presidential cabinet

via theneptunes.org

No Malice is the brother of Secretary of Commerce Pusha T and 1/2 of their Virginia-based hip hop duo Clipse. He comes from a military family. His father was in the Air Force and he joined the United States Army after graduating from high school. “I respect the soldiers and the people that go to fight on our behalf,” says an ideal Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Secretary of Homeland Security
Lupe Fiasco

lupe fiasco terrorism terrorist fight secretary of homeland security kanye west president presidential cabinet

via Hype Beast

Okay, it’s your time to shine Lupe. The Chi Town artist has always been an outlier from the music industry because of his outspoken views and counterculture mentality. After saying that he thinks that Obama himself is the “biggest terrorist,” we take that as a challenge that he could better control both domestic and foreign terrorism.

White House Chief of Staff
KiD CuDi

kid cudi chief of staff kanye president presidential cabinet

Regardless of any Kanye/Cudi beef, both would not be where they are without the other. Kanye put CuDi on the map in 2008. On the other hand, KiD CuDi pioneered Kanye’s post-Graduation sound to date. He has also ghost-written for Kanye, who retains all of the credit. Exactly as a Chief of Staff would do. Just ask Doug Stamper.

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

will.i.am will i am william epa environment sos save our world mother nature kanye west president presidential cabinet

The de facto leader of The Black Eyed Peas has always used his platform as a voice for change. He supports causes such as the City of Hope, Red Cross, Adobe Foundation and even created his own scholarship foundation. Will.I.Am is a man of his community. Furthermore, he is a loud advocate on climate change. His selfless vision would put the world and our Earth at the forefront of the administration.

Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Rick Rubin

rick rubin management manager producer kanye president presidential cabinet

via interviewmagazine

Rick Rubin is one of, if not the most, famous music managers/producers of all time. Among several A&R discoveries, he co-created Def Jam and helped popularize hip hop music in the 80s. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget formulates the President’s budget and does the behind-the-scenes checks on policies and actions, just as a music manager like Rick would.

United States Trade Representative

drake trade representative suit kanye west president presidential cabinet

via GQ

Business savvy and well-liked among the masses despite questionable tendencies, Drake is the perfect trade representative. He would excel at securing favorable international relations for the United States while stooping foreign countries into drinking the Kool Aid. It’s an advantageous situation for domestic affairs. Plus, he’s Canadian.

Ambassador to the United Nations
E-40 The Ambassador

e40 e-40 the ambassador un kanye president presidential cabinet

Young or old, whether you know his music or not, everybody knows of E-40. Nicknamed “The Ambassador of the Bay,” Forty Water has built relations in numerous industries: music, alcohol, real estate, and politics. He’s that dude when it comes to representing.

Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers
50 Cent

50 cent economic advisor kanye president presidential cabinet

via heymikeatl

No matter how many times he declares bankruptcy or is hit with a baby mama lawsuit, Curtis Jackson always seems to come back. He clearly knows something about finance and economics that most do not. 50 wants to make sure that every American can afford diamonds and Murcielagos. Glorious.

#Effen #Vodka #50Cent

Administrator of the Small Business Administration
Childish Gambino

donald glover childish gambino small business administration kanye president presidential cabinet

Childish Gambino knows how to build a brand. Simultaneously succeeding in the music and tv/film industry is no joke. As an independent artist, Gambino has created a cult-like following. As an actor/comedian, Donald Glover produces some of the best shows and content today. All at the same time, and I bet he still gets home in time for dinner.

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Enjoy our choices for President Kanye’s Cabinet? Which positions do you agree on? Which ones would you change? Let us know in the comment section below! For all things hip hop, keep reading at True Too.

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