Kendrick Takes his Mask Off

When Kendrick Lamar brought out Future to perform “Mask Off” during his Coachella set most assumed it was just a move to keep the crowds hype up (not that Kdot needs help in that regard). Little did the hip hop world know that there was in fact a remix of the mega-hit on the way with a verse from none other than Kung Fu Kenny himself. As if this song wasn’t already a behemoth in the music scene, it’s about to get a whole lot bigger.

The track starts off as normal, the flute sample kicks in over the drums and Future starts telling everyone to chase checks instead of bitches. But about halfway through, at that western sounding breakdown of the beat that’s reminiscent of Charlie Heat’s work on “Facts,” Kendrick’s voice rings out strong. He then proceeds to spit an absolutely savage verse, commenting on his ability to turn anything into a hit, the dumbed down state of rap game, and his immortality. There’s even comparisons made to the late Prince, stating “he lives on through me.” With the rate that Kendrick has continued to influence society and music in just the past few years this comparison isn’t entirely off either. His use of multiple tones and flows is as on point as ever, breaking off into a sing-song section only to snap back into some rapid fire bars.

It’s safe to say that, although “Mask Off” was already an excellent track, it’s been improved on tenfold. Kendrick’s power levels definitely go over 9000 during this verse too, and there are parts that make it seem as if this might be the new “Control” verse that call for everyone to step up their game or get shit on. This is an indicator that if Kendrick were to put together an entire album of the most popular rap songs out with the addition of a verse by him it would definitely go platinum and he would never have to release original music again; here’s to hoping that the odds of that possibility remains good. Stream the track below and stay tuned to True Too for all you hip hop needs.

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