KHIRY oviim delivers the spacey “Love, Sex, Dreams”

In the post-808s and Heartbreak era of R&B, the focus of songs about a lost love has been shifted. The devastation of Drake and Kanye’s misfortunes came not through the fact that an anchor of sadness was added to their baggage, but that for the first time in their adult lives, they felt the emptiness from one sided love. KHIRY oviim highlights this emptiness not only in the production of his newest song “Love, Sex, Dreams,” but also in its video.

The Maryland rapper started making music when he was 11, and his songs draw influence from the likes of Goldlink and Kendrick Lamar. Subject matter wise, however, oviim’s inner personality is the key player. “Love, Sex, Dreams” has spacey production, and a very off kilter hook. oviim is not trying to sound his best, but it works in a Chance the Rapper kind of way. The song is largely inspired by his ex-girlfriend and the confliction between hating the fallout yet loving the memories.

I’m here, black with the blues

Still, the ideas that the song presents are greatly explored in the music video. From oviim being chained to a sofa in a fully white void, and the multiple shots of a women walking through a vacant mansion, emptiness is a huge motif in “Love, Sex, Dreams.” Oviim, who directed the video himself, shows this clearly through the visuals. It’s a firsthand look at his feelings through oviim’s very own eyes.

KHIRY oviim’s potential knows no limits, and his rise could be a huge boost for DC hip hop, an area that has been arguably very overlooked in the past few years. You can listen to “Love, Sex, Dreams” on oviim’s soundcloud and be sure to check out the visual below. Let us know what you think in the comments section and keep on True Too for the latest in hip-hop.

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