In early April, Kid Cudi announced that his latest album will be named “Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven.” Wait, hold on. This isn’t MOTM 3 (Man On The Moon Three)? He even promised us 🙁 …It looks like MOTM 3 is put on hold until after this project (yes, telling myself this does help me sleep better at night). Now, I bet you are as confused as I am about this album mess. Back in January, Cudi announced that work on MOTM 3 was underway, even bringing back original producers of MOTM 1 in Plain Pat, Emile, and A Trak.

Most Cudder fans would agree in saying that Cudi’s MOTM series has been AWESOME and some of his best work. The thing is, it’s been nearly six years since the first MOTM release and five years for MOTM 2. In the mean time, Cudi blessed us with the weird, Rock And Roll inspired “WZRD,” the self produced album, full of psychedelic influences “Indicud” (which is decent) and “Satellite Flight,” which made me feel like I was flying in space, trapped within my malfunctioning iron coffin of a ship. It’s obvious Scott was exploring his artistry and was trying something new, which is great. Yet in all truthfulness, I thought his three latest albums SUCKED (sorry Cudi). It’s been a while since Cudi dropped music that was…You know, good.

However given these recent tweets, there is still hope for Scott Mescudi and his loyal fans.

He even gives some insight on the interesting choice in production.

I even saved the best for last. If these tweets don’t get you excited for his upcoming album, I’ll have to revoke your Cudder Fan Pass.

Cudi got us hyped, and now all we can do is wait. However if waiting isn’t your strongest suit check out his latest single “Love,” which won’t be released with SBTH, but is still well worth the listen.