Journey Down The Pacific Coast Highway With The KnowMads

knowmads 101 the good life
The KnowMads of Seattle Picture by Brodie Peterson

Leave it to the KnowMads from Seattle to make a feel-good song and video about their travels from the Pacific Northwest to the City of Angels. This evening, the duo premiered the debut music video “101 (The Good Stuff)” off of their upcoming album, Knew School.

Featuring emcees Tom “Cheef” Wilson and Tom Pepe, the KnowMads have been consistently dropping music since their high school years in 2007. They have steadily established themselves in the underground hip hop scene since then (Learn more about the duo in our exclusive audio interview here).

The video begins with Cheef and Pepe exiting a wilderness hike sporting brand new Nike’s. They are then greeted by a girl and a black BMW with tinted windows, prefacing their journey down the Pacific Coast Highway to Pepe’s pad in Downtown L.A. The song begins with a guitar loop and a high-pitched background vocals leading into the amazingly uplifting hook by Camila Recchio.

You got the good stuff and I can’t stop feelin’ in a rental car speedin’ down the 101 //

Cuz you got, you got, you got, the good stuff. //

The first verse has Cheef rhyming about his weed guy in SoCal while playing cards and kickin’ it with the homies. His seamless flow complements the light-heart instrumental and transitions back into the positive hook.

After the self-proclaimed sober emcees Pepe comes up with the second verse. Weaving his way between weed smoke and solo cups, Pepe busts out of the game with rhymes:

I got that pot of gold, take it to the Bellagio

a legend in the game I got more hits than Joe DiMaggio. //

The video then transitions to him rapping out of the window of the Beemer with his hat still on.

The song ends with the two simultaneously singing with the sun going down and silhouettes appearing in the windows. The visuals, done by Jonathan Shimmon & David Dossett Aberg, perfectly match the tempo and vibes of the fresh track.

Watch the music video below and be sure to keep an eye out for The KnowMads’ Knew School, coming July 15th. For all things hip hop, keep reading at True Too.

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