KYLE Brings The Heat With “Doubt It”

KYLE, aka King Wavy, the animated, happy rapper himself, is back; dropping a late night heater for the people titled “Doubt It.” This is the first solo work we’ve heard from KYLE since his album Smyle dropped last year. Often times KYLE comes with the uptempo beats knocking us off our feet, but “Doubt It” feels more like a slow-burner as KYLE stunts all over the grimy electro-hop beat.

KYLE’s classic humor is still present as he keeps it coming with the video game references and witty rhymes. At the 2:30 mark he raps “Call of Duty champion / Do you know who you aimin’ at?” While the vintage kindhearted wit is still present, KYLE takes a more braggadocios approach on this track noting his skills and accomplishments while addressing the fakers out there. It’s nice to see the humble Ventura rapper take some pride in his skills and boast over the beat a little.

Zoning, in California / On a mountain / High up, I’m with my main thing / She keep me grounded

This is definitely a switch up from KYLE’s live cover he shared on Soundcloud of Kid Cudi’s “Up Up and Away” at the Ventura Theater a few months back. Variety has been a staple of KYLE’s career and he doesn’t seem to be stopping now, as he continues to evolve and grow stronger like a Pokemon on steroids. There’s a special quality about KYLE’s music that the listener can relate to, and it doesn’t hurt that the fun KYLE has making this music just oozes out at the seams.

Hopefully “Doubt It” means a possible mixtape or new album from King Wavy; but if not, it’s nice to know he’s staying busy creating. Take a listen to the track below and let us know what you think in the comments section.