Legacy of Nate Dogg

On March 15, 2011, Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, widely known as ‘Nate Dogg’, passed away due to complications related to multiple strokes. He was 42 years old. Nate Dogg left behind an amazing body of work, including some of the best hooks in the history of rap.

For people who don’t know what a hook is. “A hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and to ‘catch the ear of the listener’. He was the king of doing this, and has an unmatched legacy. In memory of one of the greats, I thought it would make sense to write down a few major tracks that people who aren’t familiar with his work to go and have a listen to a few of these amazing hooks.


  • “Regulate” – Warren G Ft. Nate Dogg
    • Probably his most famous, standout song.
  • “Tha Next Episode” – Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg & Kurupt
    • One of the biggest anthems in history, he’s the one saying “hold up… waaiiiiiiiiiiit.”
  • “Oh” – Mos Def Ft. Pharoahe Monch
    • Really smooth song which Nate helps blend the two artists together
  • “Till I Collapse” – Eminem
    • Sick pairing, on this intense pump up song.
  • “Can’t Deny It” – Fabolous
    • the juxtaposition between the hard beat and smooth hook, Nate helped break Fabo into the limelight.
  • “21 Questions” – 50 cent
    • this is just an instant classic, speaks for itself.