Lil B in the NBA?

Lil B via Triangle Offense
Lil B via Triangle Offense

Berkeley, CA rapper Lil B from The Pack has very recently accepted an invitation to the Philadelphia 76ers D-League team open tryout. The 76ers organization contacted him through Twitter and he quickly made his acceptance public. Lil B has shown his skills at balling in many videos such as “Gotta Make the NBA” and “Warm Ups.” The Basedgod even tried out for the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors D-League team back in 2012, which apparently didn’t go too well. However, his skills have had time to improve, and with all of the based curses he’s placed upon players in the past year he’s had to have stepped up his game.

However, it’s not easy for a 5’6” rapper to make it in the NBA, which is where he topped out at back in 2012 according to a Bleacher Report article. But its not impossible for a diminutive player to succeed in the NBA, just ask former hoopers such as Muggsy Bogues and the more recent Nate Robinson. Both players, the former being 5’3” and the latter 5’9”, had excellent careers, including an All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest win for Robinson. Lil B falls right between both of those players on the height scale, which means that becoming an NBA player is a plausible feat.

Lil B would most likely play at the 1 or 2 position on the court and would definitely have to work on his quickness in order to get open for outside shots. Developing his passing would also help add value to his game as a playmaker, much like Bogues, who averaged 7.6 assists a game. Hitting the weight room a little bit would also benefit the Basedgod’s strength and defense. One can only hope the 76ers organization is willing to give him a shot so that he’ll have the means of accomplishing such tasks.

While it may be a longshot, I’m hoping to see Lil B out there on the court someday, whether it be in the league or at least at the celebrity game. If J Cole, Wale, and 2 Chainz can ball like they reportedly can, why can’t the Basedgod? Furthermore, Damian Lillard’s recent success of going from baller to rapper makes anything possible. And finally, who wouldn’t love to see Lil B take on Kevin Durant for real. If becoming an NBA player doesn’t work out he’s always got politics as a second career. Let us know what you think about the Basedgod bringing his based talents to the league.

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