Listen: Adian Coker “Show Up”

Meet Adian Coker, a London rapper/producer who’s on the verge of bursting onto the scene. Signed to independent label Bloom In June, his newest track “Show Up” is one that should be on everyone’s radar. Two of Adian’s previous tracks have garnered some attention, “Cream” and “Suicide Drive.” “Show Up” is sure to bring Adian more attention, and it’s rightly deserved.

A self-produced track, “Show Up” sees Adian boast creative wordplay over a beat that’s reminiscent of A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For The Night.” You can hear a certain tone of confidence in Adian’s voice and lyrics, a confidence that he can definitely back up.

I’m the Alpha / The presidency is mine / I’m the next Obama / I’m just, Biden my time.

“Show Up” is set to be on Adian’s upcoming untitled EP, so we can expect even more dope tracks from this up-and-comer. You can stream the single below on Soundcloud or watch the official video above. Let us know what you think in the comments and keep an eye out for Adian Coker the rest of the year.

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