Let Alex Wiley Take You On A Wild Tangerine Dream

Alex Wiley - Tangerine Dream via Soundcloud
Alex Wiley - Tangerine Dream via Soundcloud

It has been over 7 months since rapidly rising Chicago experimental MC Alex Wiley dropped his long awaited follow up album “Village Party 2: Heaven’s Gate” which set the mid-west alight. Chicago has been the talk of the town lately with Chance The Rapper’sColoring Book” and Vic Mensa’sThere’s A Lot Going On“. Seemingly out of nowhere, Wiley is back with the drug induced, late night, wavy “Tangerine Dream” mixtape. Press play, hold on tight, and try not to lose yourself in the 10 track, 30 minute trip that will take you to wherever you want it to (depending on the substance of choice). The project features low profile artists like Low Gravity, Thurteen Sounds, and frequent collaborator Hippie Sabotage. It’s clear that the 23 year-old isn’t satisfied with current position and is doing everything he can to do to catapult his name alongside the likes of Chance, Vic, and Mick Jenkins.

Tangerine Dream is also the name of a 1960’s German electronic band. Wiley’s use of experimental and electronic sounds throughout the tape could be a direct ode to them. In the opening track “Quest”, Wiley uses a sample of TV on the Radio‘s hit track “Will Do” (Shoutout to the Fifa 12 Soundtrack). Elsewhere “Paris Freestyle” features an alluring French hook, and “iNEEDTHAT” feat. Hippie Sabotage is a bouncy electronic banger which challenges you not to bump along.

Fly to Japan
Just to try on some pants
Bring a charge on my mans
I’m a lie on the stands
– (Paris Freestyle)

If you happen to find yourself in or around the Chicago area this upcoming weekend, Wiley will be performing for all ages.

Peep the mixtape below and let us know how your Tangerine Dream was. Don’t sleep on Alex Wiley… He will be coming to a city near you soon.

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