Listen: NEW song Azizi Gibson King Cupid

Azizi Gibson King Cupid
Azizi Gibson - King Cupid

This morning, Azizi Gibson blessed his fans with a new Kamandi produced single, “King Cupid”. This is the third single for his upcoming album, preHISTORIC Till Death, which is set to drop October 5th under fellow rapper Waka Flocka Flames’ label 36Brickhouse.             Azizi Gibson King Cupid

The gritty production and deep-voiced hook gives us another classic Azizi cut. The short and intermittent verses sport him spitting absolute fire in between several bridges and hooks. If his album features verses like these heard on “King Cupid”, it will definitely impress. Learn more about the unique rapper Azizi Gibson Here. Stay updated on his pre-album releases and our coverage of him here at True Too!


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