Listen: BEXEY – Soul Train Combo [Prod.BigCat]

Bexey - A Whole Lotta Magic via Soundcloud
Bexey - A Whole Lotta Magic via Soundcloud

Bexey is an 18 year old experimental Hip-Hop artist from a “ghost town” somewhere in England. He was originally a grime artist hailing from London and going by the stage name ZEHTROID VZN before getting kicked out of home by his Dad. With no where else to go, he found refuge in a “ghost town” that his mother lived in. Alongside his new-found start in life, he decided to change EVERYTHING, including his stage name (he returned to his birth name BEXEY), lyrical content, sound, flow and direction.

“Soul Train Combo” is the first single from his upcoming EP, A Whole Lotta’ Magic, set to be released on 17th October. Producer BigCat provides the lo-fi dark mood which perfectly suits BEXEY’s haunting lyrics. Over the 121-second track BEXEY shows off his rapid Bone Thugz -N- Harmony-like flow and sinister sound.

you the type to ring the suicide line, to screenshot it and tag all your friends online.
you the type to search an old video of mine, to feel a sense of achievement when you dislike.

Check out “Soul Train Combo” below and let us know what you think. Stay updated with BEXEY – Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud.


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