Listen: Code Green – Damn, I Took Too Many!

code green live by code green livebycg damn i took too many! new release listen
Damn, I Took Too Many! (2015)

Providence-based hip hop trio Code Green is comprised of ER (With the Dreads), Evoand Nesi. Yesterday, the group released a new single through The Fader entitled “Damn, I Took Too Many!”

This joint follows their most recent release, “Killin’ My Soul,” which they put out just a few weeks back. Courtesy of Da Cleva 1, the instrumental to “Damn, I Took Too Many!” elicits an aura of elevation with its incidental music samples and rippling electronic chords. The “trip hop” group stays true to form, employing melodic rhymes and echoed voice effects to establish the effect of inebriated omnipresence.

The premise of taking “too many” applies to several things within the song; too many women, too many drinks, too many tokes; the usual suspects.

Killin’ it, like two times // in the middle where the truth lie // in the city I’m the new guy //

Code Green has recently experienced a wave of success with their music and it is clear they will not become complacent. They are currently working on their next full length comprehensive project. True Too recently caught up with the trio and discussed various facets about their journey in music. Stay keen for the interview coming soon!

In the meantime, stream their newest release below and keep up with the group on Twitter and SoundCloud.

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