Listen – D. Bridge – Fire (Prod. by Mic Kellogg)

D. Bridge - Fire (Prod. by Mic Kellogg)
D. Bridge - Fire (Prod. by Mic Kellogg)

You may have heard of D. Bridge before, possibly from his track “Origami” that featured Chance The Rapper as part of his Bout That Time EP. Now the Milwaukee rapper is back with “Fire,” a new track he dropped on his Soundcloud page.

Produced by Mic Kellogg, “Fire” opens with the sounds of a burning fire in a quiet night, helping clear the mind to prepare you for the rhymes that Bridge is about to drop. The song is a shorter one, running for about 2 and a half minutes, but Bridge didn’t need much more time than that to leave his mark. Bridge explains that “the track is simply a very hot beat accompanied by some hot bars about how hard I’ve worked in the past and what I expect the future to hold.” The result is straight bars, with D sounding slightly similar to Drake with his punchlines and flow.

They faker than Cliff Paul / I admit I get pissed off / When people think my whole state farms / So, like I got 8 arms / I jumped on the web and set fire to these streets like napalm / Now we boomin’ like 8 bombs.

D. Bridge is taking pride in his city and representing the Midwest fiercely, not letting anyone get in his way. Over email, D.Bridge was adamant that we need to keep our ears open: “Myself and Mic Kellogg have been working a lot behind the scenes. “Fire” is the first track of many to drop from us (we’re just warming up).”

Make sure to keep an eye out for this rapper on the come-up, and listen to “Fire” below.

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